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Launched 15th June 06 - see new section

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A Photo Tour of the Uphill Pill/River Axe Estuary

Lena was launched on the 15th June 2006

Please see the new Sailing Section now for all recent pages. The site is up to date as of Easter 2007.

The old pages will stay on here - at this geoff.rich.btinternet.co.uk address - the site material on the Portland sever is about to be removed - a re-direct on the homepage will stay to the new site.

My old personal website is now offline - and maybe will be reworked sometime. I may me getting a domain name of my own and then combine it all in to one site. Don't have time or inclination just at the present. I had a lot of trouble with the Portland servers constantly being down. Google is now finding the new address ok.

Thanks for looking in - feel free to contact me, you will get a reply.