Invader 22
Anchor Stowage home allsorts *** ***
No - its not an article of dubious sexual pleasure - though it does have an eerie look about it. Reminds me of old medical equipment. Its actually a roughly set up fixing for the delta anchor.

I've been trying for weeks to find a way to stow it.It won't sit on my bow roller too well - and just about every place I put it it seemed to be in the way of something - what with the fairleads, deck water filler, samson post - the chain pipe itself, etc. I didn't want to hang it from the pulpit - its not the strongest pulpit in the world !

I found it would sit well straight on the deck - then the stock came just right for the shackle hole to be right next to the pulpit stancion. So a way to firmly fix it to the deck - then the eye of the stock could go over some sort of lug on the stancion, with a retaining pin.

I had a whole load of this heavyduty neoprene rubber sheet - and the retaining plate is cut from the spare grp tray I laid up for the new hatch - plus a few bits and bobs. Its basically two sheets of heavy neoprene made as a sort of holster - with the straps backing it up - one over, one long one with the buckle goes right to the point, round underneith and back round the back of the anchor - fixing it in to the boot. The end of the stock then secures at the stancion.