Invader 22
April 05 home allsorts *** ***

The Wetline inflatable slats modifications.

The dingy rolled up much more compact without the slats - but although they were only slipped through pockets, attached to the floor at either end - they are awkward to get in again - especially the transom one.

Figured I could modify the holding pockets to be removable at either end, rather than fixed. The two end pockets have been repaced with webbing - this gave me plenty of spare pvc material. The buckles are sewn to patches which will be pvc glued to the floor panel - with some extra pathes on top of the sewn tapes. After having to put on a patch on a pinhole puncture - and generally playing around with the glue ( both the ordinary and some two pack I bought ) my confidence in how this stuff sticks is high - this stuff really welds.

There are eight quick release buckles - so now the whole set of four slats can be removed complete, then rolled separately. This thing is surprisingly small with the slats separate - though they could still be left in situ as normal

Now I'm off work for a while - things are getting done, slowly !

Jabsco toilet, seacocks are fitted. Flexi-water tank is in - and piped in to the filler on deck and sink. New hatch is bedded in - just have to screw it down. I blocked the fixing holes with tape so I could bed it on to the sealant and let it set, before screwing it down so it wouldn't distort.

The old vinyl side linings have been cleaned up and been re-backed with new foam ready for refitting.

Horn is fitted up by pulpit, wired back to panel - with rubber pushbuttoms either side of the cockpit coamings.

New winch positions have been set with epoxied ply pads under, set at an angle to match the angle of the new winch plinths.

Brought the rudder home Tuesday - so have set up the stainless cheeks/ tiller end. This has been refaced with Tufnol 3mm sheet where it pivots