Invader 22
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Although I am more than capable with old car engines, this is my first attempt to work with a diesel, albiet a fairly simple one cylinder of bullet proof design. I wanted to remove all electrical connections - just to know where they were and to check for corrosion. I removed the starter motor just because I wanted to know that it 'would 'come off OK - same with all the other odd bits - it may 'have' to be done it less than ideal conditions - it's good to know, 'where, how and how akward'. If you've done it once - then you have a fighting chance of doing it with a torch, at night, at sea !
Also - this engine has a starter handle and decompressor - but the handle won't turn due to the installation - if I can modify it to make it longer, and give it a slightly shorter swing - then it would go through a custom hole in the bulkhead step. A feature well worth having - me thinks !
The Yanmar 1GM10 - this engine has been sitting unused in this boat for nearly two years. It was looking a bit black and oily - but actually it was dry black sort of soot - it just brushed away with a dry paintbrush.
For a six to seven year old marine engine it's looking pretty good. The front engine casing, just below the alternator had begun to pickle a bit under the paint - prob. an anode problem. I located the zinc - see 'anode position' - and it was completely dissolved. Also, the connections to the main hull zinc were so rusted up to be probably ineffectual. Before trying to start it - I am renewing all flex fuel lines - cleaned out the plastic diesel tank - cleaned the water trap and fitted new filter - new main filter ( top left, in pic. ) new anode - new thermostat - stripped exhaust mixer to check for internal corrosion ( it looks as if this one is the later stainless version ) - removed impellor and it's housing. ( This is certainly the easiest way to check the impellor - the housing is just three small bolts - you can then do the impellor on the bench and thoroughly clean it, and actually see what you are doing. Prob. have to replace it first, then put the cover on, so you can turn the centre spindle to locate it into the pick up slot. You can also clean the inlet and outlet ports easily with it off - these are not that big and seem to fur up. ) Also - changed the oil ( I could get a shallow pan under this installation - the plug has a spring loaded filter behind it - take it out and clean it - I used petrol for cleaning all my diesel.) Completely removed the seacock and replaced, except for the strainer and through fitting, which was fine. Will replace the water hoses, both from seacock and up to the non-return valve. Exhaust piping is in great shape but will double up clips.