Invader 22
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Portaloo is behind the bulkhead left - not enclosed as such, but not under a berth - so could be curtained off. Another 2' locker space at low level just past the stove. Could do with some high level netting shelves forward. Oh - and I have a nice brass barometer !
The interior just as I found her - I cleaned the sink.
Two years standing idle in all weathers and as dry as a bone. Even all the various items of paperwork were as crisp and clean as a good library.
I rigged up a temporary gas supply in the cockpit - as the original bottle that fits the locker is a difficult size to obtain - outside rubber hose was perished - as were the seals on the water tap whale pump. Once I had my gas on - I reached for a large box of household matches, still on the shelf from two years earlier...and they struck !

A folding double door closes off the forepeak. SeeAllsortsfor rest of site