Invader 22
Gloucester Jumble home allsorts *** ***

A few other bits - some not shown. A larger chain pipe, since it awkward to run 14mm anchorplait down through my present one. The stainless rail mount is for modifying a long grab rail to fit along in front of the cooker.

The compass is nice - Offshore Istruments, Cowes. The tritium light source is duff - but it's a lovely sighting compass that reads to a degree. Also picked up some Tufnol - some thin sheet for the end of the tiller pivot and some heavy tube for making some spacer washers for the lower furling mech. Got a nice small piece of foam backed off-white vinyl for the hull side in the new heads.

A nice sighting compass - with a brave effort with a small digital camera to show the readout. A real quality thing - very steady dial.

Gloucester Boat jumble is probably the closest that happens each year - don't know why Bristol never has one.

Picked up this Wetline 2.4 m - totally unused, just shopsoiled ex-display. Slightly large as a tender maybe - but more useful perhaps as a run about. I'm modifying the slats - since they were only attached at either end, so that they can be more easily removed. It stows smaller with them separate. Also the slat ply is very heavy - the four of them weigh 5.5 kilo - so may look to something lighter.

When I tested it out at home, one of the three chambers had a slow leak. Amazingly, I looked straight at a small speck on the tube - and put my finger straight on a tiny pinhole puncture. Whether I did it pushing it in the boot - or was already there I'm not sure. So had my first practice at patching ! It's fine now - still stiff up after 36 hours.