Invader 22
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Lena has taken a back stage for a while - my Dad had a mild stroke just before Christmas and has been in hostpital since then. I could not put my mind to much - it looks like he is going to make a full recovery - and at 91 that's no small thing. In a way - I think he would have loved to have done some sailing. What you must remember is that until perhaps twenty years ago, boats were the plaything of the weathly. We always had holidays on the coast - usually Poole, where my Uncle had a house - and Poole was a match for Cowes in the posh boat stakes. We would watch them with intent - but the idea of actually getting a boat just never crossed our minds. Stange - It's taken all these years to suddenly think -'Yes, do it - see what it's all about!'

When I have had my head in gear - i've been trying to make a few decisions then just do it - bought an Attwood 1250 electric bilge, a rule mercury float switch, a Whale titan manual - a through deck, which does not quite configure how I wanted it ! I wanted the handle to be sort of 'upright' on the side of the cockpit wall - but if you mount it that way the lever is horizontal. I think it will have to go on the cockpit floor - but where is the problem ! - more problems you see.

I also attacked the stern gear - see here -

Managed to get the whole lot out in under three hours - the outer bearing was very worn and it seems I can get a new on to exact pattern.

I'm trying to anticipate getting the mast up - al the new rigging is sorted, ready to order in. Wire is coming from Southern Marine Supplies - hardware from Felix Fasteners and my local rope and twine merchant, Bristol Rope and Twine are more than happy to swage up to given length - without supplying either wire or eyes etc - so that's all sort of sorted.

Got a new length of anchor plait - 60m x 12mm in a sale. I am going for a new length of 8mm chain x 10m with 60m rode - may stick with my original genuine cqr - but at 15lbs it is borderline size for the boat - lena is quite heavy for a 22 - about 3700lbs unladen. At present have 25m of 6mm chain and 25m of 14mm polyprop 8 plait rode. Prob keep the entire lot as a kedge - and go for a new, third party plough or a brittany. By going to 10m of 8mm chain plus rode, I figured I could have a heavier anchor, while still being able to lift the whole lot without a windlass. 8mm chain is approx 1.4 kg per metre - plus a 9 kg anchor = 23 kg. or about 52 lbs. I could go heavier than that, but would not want much more. So am tempted to get a third party plough, about 22 lbs - though not so rated as the genuine article - but a great deal cheaper!.

Also - am still trying to envisage the secondary forestay. I am thinking it will have to be rigged to a 'horn', placing it a little forward at the mast top, but still central, so it will clear the top roller ok - then be rigged while not in use to the extreme front of the stem fitting ( see bad drawing here ! ). Then in use it will be rigged just aft of the roller at the base. It won't matter that it crosses the other somewhere near the top , as it will never be used to fly a sail that high - and for a wing on wing double headsail - it can stay for'd of the roller.


The gooseneck was a bit odd - with the reefing hook sort of tagged on to the connecting pin - then pressing in to the mast - generally a mess. Bristol sails took a look at it - suggested just adding two reefing hooks on plates onto the end of the boom.

Above is the original - it was a roller boom, but has been converted. A jiffy reefing track has been added with two moveable blocks, a kicking strap fitting - plus cleats etc. Also the actual roller mech has been screwed up to lock it. So, having this convenient 8mm hole right through - and the plates just sort of fitted it - so that sorted that end.

The mainsheet end was also not ideal - though original. Here it is right. It is simply a clevis pin that takes a bar with a hole in the middle - mainsheet attaches at the base and topping lift at the top. This was to facilitate the roller boom. A small split pin taking a shear load is just a bit wrong to me ! Also - the four monal rivets were optomistic to say the least. This end cap is upside down in the pic - the eye is for the outhaul.

I'm putting in an internal/external outhaul system - so it will help to have the boom end cap removeable for access. The pin will be replaced by an 8mm bolt with split pin and nut - or I'm thinking the central bolt could be the end cap fixing bolt as well ?

For the out haul system - I need to have a line attatchment point just inside the end cap - see here ( when I have done the image ! )


The new goose neck setup - there will be a reef hook both sides and the flange will be ground off on the dotted line - same both sides.