Invader 22
June 05 Progress home allsorts *** ***

The rudder re-hung.

Right - my nice new/modified sternlight.

The original backing plate had warped, so I used a bit of the spare polycarb over from the windows - very useful stuff polycarb. i've also moved it to a proper central position. This whipping is a bit of a temp trial - it needs finer, 2mm, and I think I'll do it all along that side of the rail - its where the boarding ladder is and makes the rail nice to grab on. Did the same with the bow light - salvaged what are essentially good quality rail mounts. The wire is thr three core shipwiring I had for the mast - with one spare coiled up in the light and at the panel end.

Set up the tiller pilot I was given - a Tillerpilot 1600 - equiv to the Simrad 20 now I think. Its very tight to clear the side coaming for the bracket mount, going exactly to dims given in the op. manual. Distance from transom is no problem, but the side mount is supposed to be 480 mm - luckily the tiller sort of veers over to port a bit, when the blade is straight, due to a bit of twist in the rudder stock - so just about have 475mm - not sure how critical it really is. Couldn't finally epoxy in the arm grommit today - to late to get the stuff to set. Needs to be set up with the unit in place, levelled, etc until it gels off - but have got all the backing plate epoxied in.

Since I'd finished the cockpit lockers - I've taken advantage of the settled weather to tidy up some exterior stuff.
The Delta anchor is fitted in its rubber/webbing shoe. One strap pulls it firmly into the 'holster', then the shank is clipped to the pulpit stancion with bumgee sail tie threaded through a split nylon tube.
Just painted the lower decks with some Blakes deck paint, stone grey cut with a bit of Flag blue International Brightside - the hull paint. New hatch is all finished, with the grp tray I inserted polished in to the old gelcoat - a great improvement. The grab rails I have left in weathered hardwood. Actually, these original rails are next to useless - its only the middle small section you can get your hand through. It's a real problem to get to the fixing botls - so I've lived with them for now.

New winch position.

The winches in their new position - raised on a sloping plinth. This gives a much better lead in to the genoa slide blocks ( not on here ) and the new track is over twice the length of the original. The old ones may come in for something else - maybe lead blocks for the chute.

Opposite - I've worked on the rudder at home, refitting the tiller cheeks, etc so got it hung on yesterday. The stainles through bar it fixed with stainless spring type pins ( not sure what they are called ? ) but generally, the bar cannot drop out, as it hits the forward extension of the blade - and the bronze straps on the rudder sit above and below the transom brackets ( I never know which are gudgeons and which are pintles ? - so we'll stick with straps and brackets ! ) Not the most high tech design, but very strong.

I must consider an emergency rudder set up nonetheless. If I generally am going to carry the 2hp Suzuki on the boat - I did consider making a simple board that would clamp to the outboard leg. I have an outboard bracket ready to replace on the transom - but would need to check if the tiller on the outboard could be used in the down position. Its maybe easier to make something that would fix one of the old washboards to the outboard bracket with some sort of steering arm. Needs some thought.

What else....... all the bilge hoses now connected, remote greaser re-connected and mounted. Just a few clips to fix to the removeable slat shelf over the fuel tank, the engine cabling to clip up, etc.

Next job is raise the mast, measure for the new rigging, then up with the rig finally - so we are getting close to getting wet. Need to get back to work now though - as I'm getting close to being broke as well !