Invader 22
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Had the top fitting off the mast - mainly to check out on dropping two of the halyards down inside.

Drilled out the monel rivets, so epoxied in captive nuts for new fixing bolts. Simply well grease the bolt threads and the back of the nut - epoxy putty them in, then, when 'just' hard - screw the bolts right through. Put them in with the end of the bolt just flush with the nut - and wipe the epoxy down to the nut. The bolt then pushes out through the epoxy, so the bolt can screw right through. Then threadlock on fixing, with some duralac under the bolt head.

The holes are for the halyards - just need extending somewhat with a round file and smoothing off with wet/dry. Just doing one side gives me an extra halyard - in case I change the roller ( mine is an intergral halyard ). For now, the main will go up over the two port sheaves, with the topping lift and spare forestay halyard down inside - they will exit just below the spreaders, staggered, through exit plates, so operation can still be at the mast as normal - or led back if I want.