Invader 22
May 05 Progress home allsorts *** ***

I've gradually finished off the rudder at home - so its all ready to re-hang. The tiller has been adjusted to fit the stainless cheeks. I used up the bits of zinc I trimmed off of the shaft anode to make it fit between the prop/cutlass bearing. It also gives a through bolt fixing on the staps - with a couple of bronze bolts. This is essentially the original rudder - see here - which has been split, extended, then epoxied over with a few layers of glass tissue and faired up.

Sorrry about the quality of the pic - but it was nearly dusk at the time and my little digital suffers in those conditions. Back left is my Bonsai Horse Chestnut - about 19 years old now. Thought I had lost it prior to this spring - but it sprung into life as usual !


My custom made fender board / mast raising boom. Its just painted 4 x 2 softwood, with a couple of rounded of holes - plus a eye bolt fitment either end. The end shown also has a shackle arrangement so it can be attached to a D- strap rivetted to the front of the mast, just by the top pivot bolt on the tabernacle.

The big test will be soon - when I try it out

Having more or less finished everything for'd of the main cabin - just the intake hoses on the new toilet to fit - I lashed in to the cockpit lockers, engine well, etc.

Cleared them out - painted them. Made the slatted shelf over the fuel tank removeable - tidied up the wiring at high level - run conduit for the Garmin ariel - added a couple of 'dingy type' plastic drain plugs right at the bottom of each - into the main bilge. Fitted PVC covered 'ladder hooks' for warps - finished all the bilge hosing. Had all the engine remote controls off again - had to make the access for the cables larger, so now have put them through a large opening, sealed back up with some rubber sheet I picked up. Much better now on the engine controls. Made a new pickup out of the fuel tank. Re-painted the bilge.

Horrible things to work on - cockpit lackers ! Never want to see the bottom of them ever again !