Invader 22
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Rewiring the nav lights - a salvage job on the tri/anchor and steaming light.

There are a lot of bits in a masthead tricolour/anchor light - and they are damned dear to buy, especially the steaming/deck flood - which to me seems very little for the money. This tri was pretty well made - a nice quality detachable base plug connection. Reflectors were metal, so generally worth fixing.
They same problem had affected them both - the ceramic halogen bulb holder had packed up. With the deckflood, it had shattered - the tricolour, when I pulled the bulb - the internal connecting material came away witih the bulb - leaving an impossible to get to duff connection.
Don't buy halogen bulbs in marine chandlers - the place at Bristol Marina charges 8.50 for a two pin 12v 20watt halogen - if you go to Maplins, the electronic supplies firm, or similar outlet, they are about a pound.
There are two types of two pin halogen - the slightly smaller G4, usually up to 20w and the fatter GY.6AS, or something like that, which you can get in 20w ( Osram) but the bulb is fatter and longer . The pins on each are different, G4 smaller spacing. Maplins stock a replacement ceramic bulb holder for both, standard item complete with tinned copper tails - about 1.39 for either.
With a small modification I was able to replace the bulb holders in both units.

Above - the new holder modified with a small grp plate - made from scraps from access holes I had to cut to get at the back of the rubbing strake fittings. With the terninals cleaned up and re-soldered, and new tinned tails wired in - as good as new. I notice - even on the tricolour that had all the signs of a quality unit, none of the integral wiring was tinned copper.
I replaced my strern light with a new lazilas, boat jumble 4.00. The deck flood has a 20w halogen - that is how the original light was - seems a bit daft to me, as the lower reflector is open to the elements and you are not supposed to get halogen bulbs wet.
A new deckflood/steaming and tri/anchor would have cost me about 120.00 uk - rather rebuild these and spend the money on a nice new clipper depth !
Not sure if you can get 25w 12v , double end filament bulb for the steaming - if so will make it 25w. If the engine is running I'm not to concerned about the ampage. On my panel I have four separate switches for tri, anchor, deck flood and steaming ( combined bow, stern, mast white ) - but I am going to add an inline switch, behind the panel ( mainly through lack of space ) on the white of the steaming lights - so if I ever have problems with the tri masthead I can use the steaming set-up, without the white. All the positives run back to the switch panel - the only shared negs are the tri/ anchor and flood/white steaming - that's the way these lights were made - so at least I only need two three cores down the mast. Tried in vain to re-use the deck three pin connectors - but gave up on that one - well corroded, relented and bought new.