Invader 22
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The setscrew is tightened into place with a thin nut - then the connectors , 6mm crimp terminals, are attached with a whole nut and spring washer. Why I didn't think of this in the first place I don't know.

They could be mounted in a box - you can get basic boxes at electronic outlets such as Maplins - but all this is mounted in a shallow cabin locker it's hardly necessary. All I shall do is cover the negative bus - that's the only place where there is any neg wires.

Took me about an hour and a half to make these - and that was in an inspired bout in the kitchen at 12 midnight to one thirty - joys of being single !

I've not been happy with the connectors I'd used on the distribution board - although they were plated type, grub screw/nylon strip connectors.

The trouble is - no-one seems to make a disribution type busbar. You can get this type of thing as a normal busbar, but not individually isolated posts.

These are A4 - M6 hex head setscrews - drilled through two layers of white plastic strip. The bolt heads are recessed into the base layer - by simply heating a spare bolt and pressing the strip down onto it - you can then quickly tap it out while still warm - then clean off the excess. Works well with this type of plastic. This is 'B&Q' type 25mm x 5mm white hard plastic strip. It 's very hard - and a bit brittle, behaves a bit like old perspex. In fact perspex would have done the job equally well. The bolt heads need to be a solid fit so the stud can be firmly tightened.