Invader 22
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Since I was using both the pins built in to the mast fitting - one for the forestay, one for the extra de-mountable forestay - I needed a spinnaker/chute attachment.

I had some heavy gauge ally angle - so fashioned this with jigsaw - and a bit of grinding. It takes the vhf ariel - and my new tri/anchor arrangement - plus a small stainless bracket for the Nasa wind vane at the rear fixing. There is a third bolt, in the middle, not shown here - onto the original flange for the vhf fitting.

I etch primed it, then sprayed it with metallic car cellulose - must say I would fancy a classic Alfa in that particular shade of green !

see here for the modified tri/anchor - and my mod to the main shroud tang bolt. This bolt, the original, that fixes the two main shroud tangs, has been bugging me for a while. I knew it would be siezed in there, being stainless in alloy - and its through a very thick part of the casting.

I figured if I could get it to turn, it might gradually ease out. As it happened, as soon as I put a bit of effort to the nuts, they both sheared - worryingly easily.

Managed to drill it out on the pillar drill - then, since I had a good deal of emat around the hole, up'd it to M10 stud, plus a double nut and locking split pin.