Invader 22
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A very bad bit of photoshop - but it explains the situation.The present winch postion greyed out - with new position and longer genoa track and better lead in.

The plastic drip trays were reasonably successful - the hard plastic crazed a little with the heat of the grp.

These have been left hollow in the middle so I can sand the edges down to the required slope - I can then fill the middle flush with epoxy fairing. The dishes were the perfect shape.

Also - see pic below, I'm planning to move the winches back to the narrower section of coaming.

At present the winches are just ahead of the bulkhead of the cabin cupboards. The entire area, includung the coamings aft, are reinforced under the grp with built in 18mm marine ply - inc the grp either side this gives a 30mm thickness. Even so, the starboard winch has deformed slightly over the years, leaning forward a touch.

By moving them back, and raising them slightly at a backward rake, I achieve several things.

Firstly - the lead into the winch from genoa block is improved - at present they are feeding in higher than the winch drum bottom.
Secondly - I can lengthen the genoa track, a bit forwards and at least 300mm to aft.
Thirdly - the narrower section is probably stronger than the locker top - and the bulkhead at the rear of the locker is ahead of the winch, rather than behind. Add to this an extra layer of 12mm ply epoxied undernieth on a slope to match the kick back of the winch mounting
Lastly - it frees up a much flatter area for stepping around the sprayhood, going up on deck. There is very little side deck until you get past the raised coamings where the genoa track is.
The black blob, centre,left, is the pick up for the sprayhood fixing

The track and stand up blocks are very old - worn Tufnol stuff, as is the track. Barton 25mm T track and two new stand up blocks run to about 80.00 ukp