Invader 22
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Hmm - I was having second thoughts halfway through getting this out. So many little nuts, horrible little nuts. Ended up gaffer taping long nosed mole grips to the cabin sides, then outside with the screwdriver.

Still - one is out and the acrylic stripped out reasonably easily. The alloy is a channel profile and is in two pieces, joined at each corner. This stuff is 6mm - but the channel would take 8mm.

More or less settled for smoked, uv grade 6mm polycarbonate. Fixing the temp bit of ply over the hole sorted out a good fixing method. Several large self tappers through the old holes will pull it in around the slight curve, and into place - you can then fiddle with the fixing bolts at your leisure, before releasing the self tappers. Hardwood trim covers the internal bolt heads.

The old stuff looked quite reasonable - so I gave it a little test. A not over hard tap with a pretty small hammer.

My apologies for the hammer - it's a 'greenhouse' issue model, with a custom repair by my late Dad I notice - anyway, it did the job.

This old acrylic just shatters - no 'flex' left in it at all. This was one sharp tap - about equivalent of throwing a stone, so am glad I took it out.

I'm also thinking that if 8mm material will go in the channel, then I may go for that.

I really fancied yellow - but it's hard to get in polycarb on a cut sheet. Maybe if I can get 8mm in, then I could get yellow in acrylic.