Invader 22
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Finally decided on the two new thru hulls - one for engine, one for sink waste. The engine intake has been changed to three-quarter - reason being that, for one, I picked up a Vetus 140 strainer real cheap, old stock, but it has a three quarter hose cons - so kept everything three-quarter up to the strainer, then step down to the half inch pump intake - for two, the extra size on the valve means everything is more substantial, also easier to clean.

Chose a separate grating assembly, covering a standard thru hull.

Items left are - Perko bronze grating - gunmetal thru hull and hostail - dzr ball valve, both for engine and sink waste. All from ASAP supplies - their DZR valves are super quality, with very solid handles - the Perko stuff seems exceptional and is all certified ul marine etc - but their thru hulls are all ntp thread, so only fit Perko valves. The plain gunmetal fittings seem fine and are BSP. Very pleased with all of it

The grating will be removable from the outside - using bronze machine screws, with captive nuts epoxied on the inner hull - under the ply backing plate. Make the whole thing simple to clean.