Invader 22
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Just bought an attwood 1250 bilge plus float switch - in pondering over the wiring arrangement I happened to be in Maplins - local electronics wholesalers - and these are really nice inline fuseholders. Need the correct length fuse, but you can buy a packet of ten for peanuts, They are about 1.60 and are soft plastic.

Looked at the 'Mayfair' range of submersable pumps from ASAP supplies - look good, but had read good reports from the attwood - though the plastic in the outlet pipe does not look too strong. It is only really acting as a small auto for the engine well bilge.

Waiting to pick up the Whale titan bulkhead mount - which I have gone for as a main manual. This will go to a diverter valve to both engine well bilge and through the bulkhead to the main cabin bilge - which is separate.