Invader 22
July 05 home allsorts *** ***

Taken about 11.30 pm - I just brought down the cushion for the quarter berth - which is quitec omfortable, if a little awkward getting in and out. The next weekend I put in the v-berth cushions - so tried that out for three days.
I need to sort out something for the cabin floor surface - but for now it will probably be a coat of nonslip deck paint.

Does not look much - but a surprising amount of work went into these nets. I have to re-lace the port side - I forgot to fully tighten the eye bolt !

Well I had a week when no work was forthcoming - the weather was glorious - and the boat gradually getting cleared up inside - so I decided to stay down at Uphill for a few days.

Bought some new 'melamime' crockery at Tesco's - selling off cheap - sorted a few saucepans etc.

Its incredibly quiet down there after dark - its nice to know that the place where the boat will probably spend any winter months out of the water, is such a pleasant place to stay.

Went down the next weekend, then stayed until Wed. Good to sort out what's needed around the galley area !

Having all this time late evenings and early mornings - I've finished the net shelves. A great success - one needs a bit of adjusting - but generally they are very useful. One drawback is that the cabin roof immediately above is only single skin, so any condensation gets on to anything stuffed into the net. Ideally it wants a bit of 6mm foam type cabin lining stuck on where the netting is. Trouble is, they are a pig to get off again without loosing all the right lacing positions ! - cest la vie !

and below - the new heads finished, all bar two jubilee clips and a couple of p-clips here and there.