Invader 22
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Was trying to get set for the topsides paint job - but realised I had to do the gel coat repairs done to just above the rubbing strake first. Then I can get the edge polished up - then I can seal the gap between the wood strip and the grp. This will stop all the accululated crud behind the rub rail from washing out down the new paintwork.
More or less settled on Dark Blue - longing to get rid of that red with white stripe !
Finally get the bottom finished.

I used the Jotun 'Pengaurd HB' - a high grade industrial marine coating used extensively on the oil rigs. At 50 ukp for 5 litres - a good price. I used about 7.5 litres for two thick coats and one thinner.

It is definitely designed for spraying - an absolute pig to put on with a roller - you need to catch it very quickly with a brush if you want to avoid a heavy stipple. Still have enough for another coat on maybe the keels and the lowest sections underneith.

No - I haven't given up and put a 'for sale' sign on ! The paper is a small attempt to stop my sink unit dribbling coffee stained water down from the through hull !