Invader 22
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Both windows are finally in - and looking great. Spent today fitting the internal trim back on with a bit of a sand and varnish.

Have a weeks holiday this week, so am hoping to get the mast up for a trial run measure up for the new rigging. I'll set it up with the original forestay and roller gear, then with a makeshift arrangement attached to my new delta plates - I can then get a length specific to the U-bolts to the holes in the plates. I may make the backstay bridle higher - as I have an adjuster and the more obtuse the angle the better. Ideally I should just be able to reach the adjuster when standing on the cockpit seats. The two lower wires will be 7 x 19 for a bit more flex.

Started on two small oval bolt-on for'd windows - just to give some visability on either quarter when below. Routered them out, then covered the internal ply plates with some white leathercloth. These will then simply bolt on top of four of the fixing bolts, left long, with dome head nuts.

Quite easy to do the leathercloth stuff, with a bit of packing. I can see myself covering a few places like this.


Still trying to decide where to put the Garmin 128 - the price on these is so low at present ( 179.00 inc vat - MES, Bristol ) that I may bite the bullet and get a repeater as well.

Got the new guard wires made up. Backing plate is in for the new bronze sink waste thru-hull and valve.

Finished the first of the new blue, white piped, cabin cushions - only nine to go !

Currently overhaulind the Suzuki DT2 - and on the look out for an inflatable tender at the right price. his week off also gives me a chance to sort out the new genoa - a local sailmaker has given me a good price on a Challenger Marblehead - and also a good deal on a third reef to the main, plus a general going over.

First nice day will either attack the mast hoist - or re-hang the rudder, which is all ready for re-fixing.

Getting there slowly - but it's nice to have a week when I can just think 'boat' - rather than work. Trouble is,.work pays for it !