Invader 22
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Built in the 1890's and beautifully over engineered, this Singer treadle will sew just about anything you throw at it. One thing I will never part with !
The old sprayhood material had really suffered from two years sat under a tree !
Badly faded and engrained with green slime - tried a thorough scrub job but the only thing to look good was the webbing, which was nice silver grey with an almost reflective quality. I'm re-using this and the edge binding.
I have a reasonable quality electric machine - but when it comes to heavy canvas they are just not up to it.
My Singer pictured here was originally my Granmothers - my Mother took it over, then when I started to knock up mountain tents at the age of about sixteen, she sort of passed it on. It is a standard treadle model - domestic quality. I have always refused to part with it - knowing that sometime you will need it !
The black canvas I bought in a market stall in central Bristol - very good quality and at 4.00 a square metre I'll probably spend more on thread.
A great help having the old cover as a pattern - and I'm even able to reuse the 'lift-a-dots' - with them being fitted as they are with tabs.
With the window material the whole hood will cost about 30.00 ukp.
They are not straightfoward things to put together - having made three or four small lightweight, four season tents helps - but don't be shy of it. Have a go.