Invader 22
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I originally used this oak for the egde framing to the new cockpit locker tops - to replace the existing as they are above. 18mm marine ply biscuit jointed with epoxy to 45 x 18 oak - this protects the edge and gives a much better fixing for hinges and catches. They will be painted white with the oak slatting screwed on top - matching the rest of the cockpit.
Well now - I like the look of cockpits that are slatted out with timber. Mine wasn't - so to work. Looked at teak - but it would have cost me about 2.00 ukp per foot - so settled on oak, figuring that I would leave it untreated.
Just as I decided, a local quality timber merchant had a whole bunch of surplus planed oak - approx 50mm x 20mm finished in convenient lengths of 3 m.
With a little jigging up - it ripped quite happily with my big Makita site saw - these havn't been touched on the cut face as yet. Made a pattern for the end and trimmed them all with the router with a following cutter, then with a cove edgeing cutter. Hundred feet of it here - enough for the new cockpit seat tops and the cockpit floor, plus some over onto the bridgedeck.
The cost - about 36.00 ukp - my time, fortunately, is free ! Quite a bit of work - but the round ends look good - worth it.
Good quality oak to - virtually no shakes or splits.

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