Invader 22
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* Have subsequently learned that epoxy does not mix too well with oak - but they have been biscuit jointed all round, including the mitre corner joints - so I don't see them falling apart in a hurry.
The oak slatting - roughly positioned on the new cockpit locker tops.

The new tops were constructed from 45 x 18 oak framing, biscuit jointed to 18 mm marine ply with thickened expoxy *. Settled for the existing arrangement of butt hinges - these are bolted through the grp with 4mm set screws and 50mm stainless screws into the oak - primed with underwater primer and top coated with white International Brightside.

There is sufficient clearance under the locker tops for neoprene sealing strips - they will will fitted with stainless, lockable rigid fasteners, to a suitable catchplate fixed under the front lip of the seat lid.

The cockpit locker covers on these boats always look a bit awkward - especially as varinshed marine ply. The originals were covered with a cork material.