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Thursday 22nd June 06

Popped down to fit the new water pump. That's fine - no leaks at all now. Bilges still bone dry, which is rather nice.
Also - my Sestrel compass suddenly developed a big bubble on top. Checked out a source in Southampton - although part no longer available, they could fit a new diaphram modified from another model, refill and test for 55.00.
Got all the survey complete and the insurance is in place with Nav & Gen. Valued the boat at 7,000 ukp - and only fault found was to reposition diesel filler to outboard, from in the locker - likewise the vent.
So have to decide on the compass - maybe a new model if it would fit the hole.
I've just typed this page and lost it - so I'm trying to re-do it and remember what I'd written !
Hoping to get the engine running under load for quite a while over the springs this coming weekend, and maybe take the inflatable down the river to put the warps on my mooring buoys and test out my little Suzuki outboard I repaired ( oars at the ready I think )