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Monday - Wed. 3rd - 5th July

Very low neaps - 9,3m at Uphill - so boat will not even get wet !
Altered the boom end topping lift to a single block arrangement.
see pic.
(also pic here of WBYC clubhouse.)

It works really well - you can set the lift on, clipping off the exceess at the boom end to one side of the traveller - then tension up the mainsheet to form a bridle that holds the boom firm - with the lift on. Since this pic I've stitch and whipped spliced the ends and swapped the karabiner for a stainless carbine hook.

I spent a lot of time considering all the options for reefing/raising lowering the main single handed.
The problem, even putting one of the reef lines to the cockpit, is the kicking strap has to go there too.
In fact, this is the one thing I think I will run to the cockpit anyway, if nothing else. It seems the best place to control it, especially with the topping lift able to be set there. But I need to give some thought as to how its arranged - ideally its wants more than 4:1 - and it has to accomodate the boom's movement.

The main goes up full height quite easily, with the halyard on the mast cleat, and the end just led through the turning block to the top of the companionway, under the sprayhood. I found I couldn't get it much tighter when I went up to the mast - short of wrapping it round your foot and standing on it with all your weight.

Put it right up Monday - very calm day early on - and it seems a nice even shape, though I don't know that much about what is good or bad really - but it sort of looks good, if you follow me. I've got the boom set up more or less at the top of the track - and still seem to have about 9" halyard up top.

Tuesday - too hot to do almost anything !

Took a walk along the river late afternoon familiarising myself with the course. I've walked it many times - its a pleasant stroll, but I really had a look this time as to any points that looked uncertain, that I can pick some brains about.

I'm told not to go down for the first time on a 'very' high tide, as the banks cover and you lose the 'snake' of the deeper channel. There are a few very experienced locals here who don't treat navigating the estuary that lightly, while others are quite the opposite. Will soon find out first hand !