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The Buoys - the Buoys

I'm not sure why - but way before I ever seriously thought of sailing my own boat, I often wondered what these buoys really looked like. So - at the first oportunity, when the conditions were right I started to get the pics. I'm trying to get in the habit of carrying my Nikon film camera with me - until such time as I can run to a 'proper' digital. Not easy to get good pics of something moving, from a moving boat
Some of these are temp images from my little digital until I get the slides scanned.

DZ1 DZ3Foreland PtLynmouth

Minehead Minehead OutfallMinehead Mark

W CulverWeston Bay-Churchill

E CulverLavernack Outlet

Mumbles HeadRannie

Swansea InnerSwansea Mid EastW Scarweather