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Summer Cruise 08 - 16th - 23rd June.

Weston to Blue Anchor | Blue Anchor to Watchet | Watchet to Swansea | Swansea to Barry | Barry to Cardiff | Cardiff to Weston.

Swansea to Barry

The marina at Swansea - with the lock open into the river Tawe - centre. The Tawe sea lock is over on the right of the pic

We had a lazy start to the day - as LW was about 4pm - and we wanted to go out 2 hrs before, to be at the W Scar buoy by LW.

Virtually windless in the bay area and little sea going, but picked up a large rolling swell as we cleared the Mumbles. Wind in the SW, 3 at most. Storms, calms, storms calms - the pattern was repeating itself !

Lazing around ready for the off about 2pm - Lena showing some of her more graceful lines ! Swansea is stuffed full of some very exotic yachts - don't see many of them out there though !

The new Seagull now on the rail - with its bronze transom bracket on the stern instead of the outboard bracket. It then just lifts into the lugs and fits with its pin.

Off to Barry

Lock out at about 2pm - as planned and motor out to W Scarweather. Two old timers we saw earlier up by the cafe - studying charts in the cockpit, were out already and seemed to be going our way.

They stayed much closer inshore and seemed to gain on us at an alarming rate. Maybe they were running the engine. There was very little wind. They went inside of the Nash Sands - perhaps they knew the tide ran faster in there ?

Glorious sail - despite little following wind. Just enough to keep the main full - gave up on the genoa. Big swell still sweeping in from the lower reaches of the channel after the bad weather of Sunday.

Running up to Barry - blue seas and a light following wind. Off the Nash Sands here I think - tucking in to the last of the choc biscuits !

Didn't put the engine on until just short of Barry Harbour - and dark enough to warrant the nav lights.

Hit the entrance just on HW and more or less dark.

Chose a spare mooring from many vacant - and settled down to some 'inventive' cooking and a good night on the 'very still' mud.

Barry to Cardiff, cont...