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Diaries 2013

29th July 2013

Lena Diary

After the July cruise

Sunday, back to Bristol drop Ian off early morning.

Monday pm

Back to uphill armed with tools etc in boot - main issue to attack the stuck water pump bolt - and sort through the water intake system. Call in to Rollo at Gordano ad order thermostat, impellor and gasket and maybe temp sender.

Strip out alternator ( again ) for more access and remove temp sender ( tight, its a taper thread though, so as soon as it moves it gets easier ) Tested with my infra red thermometer in a water bath its opening exactly at 65 C ( its rated temp - at that temp it makes a circuit between its wire terminal and its earth chassis.) One less expense but does not help the problem !

That evening I try the first of my 'bolt removal' tactics. I wire brush it, and epoxy on a 10mm socket with thickened epoxy ( carborundum powder) Leave until the morning to set well.


Beautiful day - and promise myself a walk into Weston s Mare along the beach if I get the bolt out.

Try the bolt and its a dismal faliure - pops straight off the nut !

Next plan - remove all three batteries and their boxes - then remove my side engine access panel. I put this is for this very reason - its 12 wing nuts and a bead of dry sikaflex to make a watertight seal.

With this extra access - I file two opposite flats until I can just get a 9mm open spanner on. Still no joy - not looking good. Reduce flats to take an 8mm spanner. File very carefully so it will just go on - then tap it on with a hammer. Its tight - so I whack it sideways - it moved. I put my finger on the bolt head and move it back - Eureka - its loose. So - so glad to see that bolt out.

New M6 stainless bolts here for sure - and well greased.

Water pump out at last. I strip off the top hose and the first thing I see is a huge chunk of scale trapped in the exit pipe - and the pipe spigot pretty scaled up as well.

I pop off the cover to see my impellor job I put in in Ilfracombe at 2am - its 'backwards' !!!

It does not surprise me as it was put in under much duress. Its very difficult to do these with the water pump mounted.

So this engine ran 5 hrs Wed on route to Tenby, warm weather, with an impellor in backwards - only then did it fire the temp alarm ! A good omen.

With the pump now out I can strip and clean all the water hoses and spigots. The scale builds up around where the hose attaches.

Stripped the water pump ( it was new three years ago ) and its fine, clean shaft, seals look good. Maybe I'll fit new seals sometime soon - they can't be too expensive.

Its something one should take out every year really - I've been a bit lacking there !

Lock up the boat - grab a bit of food and drink and head off along to Uphill sands.

Fabulous day - early rain clearing left it sparklingly clear - HW more or less.

Sometimes hate Weston but today it was not too crowded - and just 'at its best'.

Walked all through to the other end of the bay just short of the old derelect Birnbeck Pier

( want to buy a pier ? )

Its still sort of 'old resort' around there - moreso than in the heart of the town.

Back to Bristol Wed I expect - then it depends on my bits arriving.

Need to get it all sorted for the 8th Aug - good tides then and I'm free to set off for a few weeks if I want.


2nd - 5th Aug

Neaps - no water at Uphill. Parts in from Rollo so call in on the way to the boat.

Change oil - and notice something odd ? - the strainer guaze unit does not come out with the oil. Its just not there ! I probe around the empty drain hole - its there, but its in the sump - rattling around loose !!!

Maybe I put it in backwards last time ? - anyway, its a problem, its not a small thing. 20mm diam and 75mm long or so.I spend a few hours with small screwdrivers and 'hooky things' to no avail.

Get a magnetic pick up tool Sunday morning - make some progress, I have it just inside the drain hole. Ahh - its a spring on the end, so manage to get hold of a turn with fine nosed pliers - and 'its out'. So glad to see that thing in my hands.

I think I pushed it in too far. The spring backs onto the far casing wall and the bullet end sits just behing the drain plug. The drain plug pushes it in against the spring as it tightens.

So - if you ever do this - it will come out, but it will only come out backwards - and its not easy !

This is what it looks like - it comes out when the oil drains. It goes in with the spring end first - the bull nose against the drain plug.


8th Aug

Water pump seals leaking. Probably removing the shaft for inspection and the fitting of a new impellor proved too much. I get new seals on a next day delivery. I have some on order from Rollo but they are not likely to arrive in time for Sat. I'll use those as spares.

I also get at the time a new shaft ( while they are still available. Expensive - £ 80 but a new pump is now 240. The bearings are available from standard engineering stock - a few pounds each.)

Fit new seals and the pump is ok now. Just in time for the off to Ilfracombe for a few days cruise with some friends from Uphill. Hopefully if we do get to Ilfracombe I can dry her out for a day and check the raw water intake grating.