1GM10 Engine

Since the old pages - I have not done anything much new on the engine. Now I have run more than 1200 miles cruising - I have gotten to know it a little better. I still don't understand it - ok I know the tech stuff and most of its basic internals - ( short of how the governor actually works ! ) - but these engines can be fickle at times.

So I have brought together the recent pages on the engine. They may be of use to some.

Some basic info on the various components.

The Exhaust Elbow.

The 'Rib Mrine Parts Portal' for spares

Wrong info on Head Gaskets

Head refurb | 1 general | 2 | 3 |

The Precombustion Chamber

Some thoughts on Rebuilding the Engine

Some general 1GM10 specs - info - ( some basic data of interest )

The Anti-Syphon loop | Update on engine Jan 2014 |

CAV type filter elements | Preamble | Other options | Latest filter moans | Washer moans |

The Governor

A new Tacho ?

Shop Manuals - these are the real Workshop manuals - not the service manuals.

The full 2002 Workshop Manual - ( big download ) 'can't find it ' - its somewhere ! ( If you need a copy I have one )

The Older Workshop manual ( clearer info on some sections ) The GM/HM large download ( 60 mb ) is the full thing. Smaller - are various sections. Its a nice manual for the 1GM10 ! )

When you visit this page now they have limited the downloads per session - still free. Click on the Yanmar link on the left list.

There are many mistakes in the later manual ( I have that as a copy I bought from Yanmar ) - and some sections are far from clear. The earlier version had a compete section devoted to single cylinder models. The later bunched all three together.

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