1GM10 Engine

Since the old pages - I have not done anything much new on the engine. Now I have run more than 1200 miles cruising - I have gotten to know it a little better. I still don't understand it - ok I know the tech stuff and most of its basic internals - ( short of how the governor actually works ! ) - but these engines can be fickle at times.

So I have brought together the recent pages on the engine. They may be of use to some.

Some basic info on the various components.

Update to Engine overhaul - March 2019

The Exhaust Elbow.

The 'Rib Mrine Parts Portal' for spares

Wrong info on Head Gaskets

Head refurb | 1 general | 2 | 3 |

The Precombustion Chamber

Some thoughts on Rebuilding the Engine

Some general 1GM10 specs - info - ( some basic data of interest )

The Anti-Syphon loop | Update on engine Jan 2014 |

CAV type filter elements | Preamble | Other options | Latest filter moans | Washer moans |

The Governor

A new Tacho ?

Shop Manuals - these are the real Workshop manuals - not the service manuals.

The full Workshop Manual is now available from here for free - 433 pages !


It's free to download but a little messy site with many 'false' download links - so I have put a copy on here.

Just click on the link and choose 'save ' - they are pdf's.

My copy - with credit to Manualslib.com ( direct dowload from here )

I have added notes to the index page to give the page that each section starts.

The older manual below - is clearer to understand - although the photos are not as good as the later version diagrams ?

Copy for download from here

There are some mistakes in the later manual ( I have that as a copy I bought from Yanmar ) - and some sections are far from clear. The earlier version had a compete section devoted to single cylinder models. The later bunched all three together.

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