July Cruise 2016- Ilfracombe / Oxwich Bay / Swansea / Weston.



Oxwich to Swansea. 7 miles or so - motored it half asleep at 0530 ! Locked in more or less at HW - so Tawe lock was free flow. Just had to radio in so they could open the footbridge.

When going into Swansea Marina - one takes the left turn after the fishing boats. Moor up at the fuel berth. Exiting boat are told to keep to Port - so one can go in around the bend on the port side. Sort of odd - so be cautious ! The fuel berth is on the port side just under the marine building.

If the fuel berth is full - there is a small ladder on the wall just short of it. Friendly staff - nice place, but the prices have gone up a bit since two years back ! ( 2014 £13 - 2016 £16 ! )

Lazy day in Swansea - some shopping for food and general laying aorund ( we are not getting any younger ! )

Sorting the boat after a good 34 mile sail.

The bottom scrub off in Lifracombe and a good 34 miles sail - got rid of few cobwebs.

Swansea is a good bustling place with a great yacht club serving cheap food. Price have agone up a bit though here - 2 years back it was £1280 - now £16 !


Another fine, SW 4 steady breeze day - so went out about 10.30. Ran over to the Mumbles and anchored for a while for a bite to eat - then generally sailed around all day in Swansea bay. Best speed about 5.6 kts.

Good to just sail the boat without actually trying to get anywhere. Don't do that enough around Weston Bay !

If I ever thought of relocating Lena - I think it might be here !