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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

Weston to Swansea |

After last years disasterous weather - we were beginning to think it was to happen again. The proposed Wed set off was delayed while stiff NW's blew - and it seemed ok for friday pm.

Once on the mooring - again decided to delay until 4 am - it ws till blowing hard from the NW.

lena on her Axe mooring - the tide beginning to ebb away.

So we started off at 4 am on Saturday out of Weston Bay. We knew high pressure was forcast in the wings - but it was slow to move in and there was still a NW going at about 4-5 - maybe a little less.

It ws to be a hard run to Swansea - the wind on the nose all the way. By the time we reached the end of the Nash we were getting late on the tide - and the seas were steepening.

We took the risk of turning in for Swansea after S Scarweather. Never again ! Maybe if we had gone a little further west - but as it was we had a worrying half hour, with huge swells coming on the beam and high white walls of crashing white breakers just half mile to the east over Scarweather shallows.

Swansea bay gave us no relief - having it now on the beam. We were both worn out as we approached theTawe lock. This was the Bristol Channel at it most frustrating - and no fun !

I shall bear in mind what three days of stiff NW's can do to Swansea Bay !

I've a new video camera now, so spent most of my time filming the trip. Hopefully on you-tube soon. Nothing of coming in to Swansea though - I just was not up to it in those conditions.

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