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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

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At last it died off - and forcasts of the impending high seemed around the corner, with 3-4's dropping off to 3 later. So we set out at a leisurely hour of 10.30 for Oxwich Bay and Tenby.

What a difference a day makes - a slight sea and 3-4 to the NW.

A brief stop in Oxwich Bay for a bite to eat - then off inside of Helwick on the last of the ebb, and off Worms Head at slack. As it was, crossing Camarthen bay saw little tide against us - probably why its so silted up - and hit Tenby at about 9 pm, with the tide just short of the harbour.

under full sail - approaching Three Cliffs Bay and Oxwich Bay

We put her on the sand outside the harbour - and in an hour we were dry, so laid out the anchor and a kedge to seaward on the spare warp.

lena dried out in Tenby harbour

A friendly Tenby yacht club member wandered out to us, offering a key for the showers if we wanted - and giving us some useful local advice for the Castlemartin ranges. We had planned to pass these on the Sunday - but now it would be active on Monday.

It seems so long as you go down to St Govans cardinal, 5 miles off - and stay off of Linney Head as far as Turbot bank - they are happy if the range is active. We were trying to get past by 9.30am anyway.

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