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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

Weston to Swansea | Swansea to Tenby | Tenby to Milford Haven


Left Tenby at 6am - motoring, with a smooth sea and athe wind at a 2 at most.

3 sightings of Dolphins near the St Govans shoals. These are fairly troubled. even on a good day and smooth sea - so would be best avoided in any weather. We didn't actually go right out to St Govans cardinal buoy - as the sea was so smooth - so we wre in fact crossing the shoals.

As it was - a range patrol same alongside ( they are very active, but quite pleasant ! ) and was happy at my intention to go around the Turbot buoy. It seems a bit of give and take, as the range actually goes 10 miles south. At heart, they know you can cite the 1986 range byelaws at them and you have a right of passage. Its not really too far out of your way to go S of St Govans shoals - and in any weather you would want to be out there anyway.

The patrol boat hovered in the distance while we ran out to Turbot Bank - and we made the Milford East approach buoys and went around to Dale - where there is now an excellent free pontoon offshore. Just a short dingy ride in - and very peacefull and quiet at night ( no drunken herberts wandering the keyside ! )

on the pontoon at Dale - a short dingy ride to a useful shop and cafe

A great place to stay - and an ideal, free, stopping off point for waiting for the window for an Irish crossing.

Headlnd to headland - Milford to Ireland is temptingly close !

Next year ? - I'm looking at a tweak in the insurance coverage ! I would really feel I had got somewhere if I cruised into Irish waters !

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