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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

Weston to Swansea | Swansea to Tenby | Tenby to Milford Haven |

Milford to Solva | Solva, around Ramsey Island and Skomer N Haven.

Skomer to Milford Haven


( I'll add some pics when I pinch them off my video footage )

The choice was either 4 am - for the last of the S going stream before LW slack - or 10am on the HW. We figured we could go at 4am - then punch the tide as we approached Milford.

As it was, although the wind was up to a 5, the sea was only slight really and no real overfalls once through - it was also LW, so as I've said, the worst rocks were showing.

N Haven hit it home that there are dangerous rocks here - later in the evening at HW, at the east side of the entrance a huge string of rocks were just covered. Be careful here at HW !

Nice to be sailing with the nav lights on - and punched a 1 1/2 kt tide around St Annes Head into Milford. I did enjoy motoring into Milford Haven at 5.30am having done Jack Sound virtually in the dark. I think my most satisfying passage in Lena so far, somehow.

The Haven though was not in 'haven' mood - the flood running straight into the NE as we turned up to the oil terminals - so we went onto Angle Bay, right over into the shallows by the oil refinery to get some shelter. Anchored for a while and had breakfast.

Decide to hit Milford marina, Tesco and have the rest of the day spare.

I hit Tesco later with Ian - who seems to have a pathological fear of shopping ! - I did suggest that if we did not shop we could not eat. I'm afraid the batchelor life turns you into a bit of a 'housewife' - I have to admit it, I really like shopping !

Lost my sun hat - so wandered off to buy another - then found my sun hat. Now I have two hats. It was that sort of day !

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