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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

Weston to Swansea | Swansea to Tenby | Tenby to Milford Haven |

Milford to Solva | Solva, around Ramsey Island and Skomer N Haven. |

Skomer to Milford | Cleddeau Rver | Milford to Tenby and Oxwich


Decide to get back for Sun night in Weston - which means running for four stright tides on the flood. Milford to Tenby - Tenby to Oxwich on the Gower. Then Oxwich to Barry - Barry to Weston.

We had thought of Lundy - but with the problem with the engine and the wind threatening to go SE - we decided against.

We now exited Milford under nav lights - about 4.30am to catch the tide past the Castlemartin ranges - shut for the weekend.

We could then anchor in Tenby for a bite to eat and catch the fair tide to Oxwich Bay on the Gower to anchor overnight.

anchored in the bay at Tenby - waiting for the tide to Oxwich

As we cleared the ranges a patrol boat came alongside - apparently the Penbury ranges were active, inside of Caldey Island, for small arms fire. He just advised us the range was active but didn't ask us to vacate the area.They seem quite easy going, but are on the ball and know you are there !

Lovely anchorage on the S side of Caldey Island where we killed a bit of time. Very sheltered from the N and quieter than Tenby - which on a fine Sat in June is buzzing a bit. After the quietness of open water you notice it a bit.

Left about 4pm - and just made the Helwick passage toward the end of the tide. A bit anxious through there with the engine not 100%.

By the time we made Oxwich Bay it was flat calm again - and several boats were at anchor. In the morning - at a 4am start we noticed the wreck ! It is marked on the chart and must be avoided - at LW its a huge pile of stakes.

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