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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

Weston to Swansea | Swansea to Tenby | Tenby to Milford Haven |

Milford to Solva | Solva, around Ramsey Island and Skomer N Haven. |

Skomer to Milford | Cleddeau Rver | Milford to Tenby and Oxwich |

Oxwich to Weston Bay


( more pics to follow )

An early start again - to catch the tide. This was a long run - with the NE stiffening a bit we chose to go outside of Scarweather and the Nash Passage.

We had considered investigating the inside passage - but the engine problems and less calm weather put us off.

Made Barry about an hr before HW. They appeared to be dingy racing in Jacksons Bay so we anchored in the main bay which was reasonably flat and quite busy, being a hot summers Sunday. Had various chats to canooists, swimmers, lent a lighter to some powerboaters desperate to light there fags - even visited by families of four in cheap plastic dingies ( we did suggest they ought to be careful of the falling tide - ther seemed to be a local boat anchored off as a safety boat of sorts.

Losing the depth we set off at about 1 1/2 before LW for a lazy amble up to Weston. We couldn't get up the river until 9.30pm.

By the time we were over by One Fathom it was flat and windless - so we gave the seagull outboard as blast, as Ian was not at all convinced this thing would actually start.

As it was it fired up first time - then stopped, whch worried me a bit as I had rebuilt it ! - but it was empty. I'd left it full but it must be leaking at the tap. A quick top up and it ran fine, pushing us long at 3 kts just on half revs. 4 + at full throttle - hardly quiet though !

Crept up the river at dusk. Had complete fiasco getting on to the mooring in the fast flood. Both very tired I think. Once we did get it on it was dark, only to see the dingy we had towed into the river floating free ! Nothing for it but to drop the mooring again and chase it - then do it all again.

We finally had everything and us in the dingy in pitch dark about 11.45pm and managed to find Uphill yard somehow.

A choatic end to a great week - slept for a couple of days, slowly swaying !

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Geoff and Ian - June 09 Cruise.