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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

Weston to Swansea | Swansea to Tenby | Tenby to Milford Haven

Milford to Solva | Solva to Ramsey Sound and Skomer Island |

Skomer to Milford | CleddeauRiver | Milford to Oxwich Bay | Oxwich to Weston

We cruised Lena for 8 days from Weston s Mare to Solva and around Ransey Island - returning via Miford and Tenby.

Apart from a rough and tiring trip to Swansea on the first day we had a week of balmy warm weather and 2-3 winds. We had planned to go out to Lundy on the return, but a slight problem with the engine dropping off the revs and the wind going to the SE made us change our plans at the last mimute.

As it was we did a four consecutive tide run back to Weston from Milford in two days.

Three times we saw large pods of dolphins - once all around the boat. I was desperately trying to video them, with limited success.

Hopefully, once its edited up, I can post some of the video on you-tube.

Right now I'm getting sorted for checking out the engine and give the fuel system a good overhaul, new injector etc - this weather seems to be looking like holding and I'm off again on my own once a few things are sorted.

Geoff - June 09