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My first set of wheels was a disaster - much too small.

Had a problem getting wheels - so picked these up at Machine Mart - but ideally it needs this sort of size but much lighter. These only weigh about 2 1/2 lbs each - the both units made up with the B&Q alloy angle only weigh 7 lbs.

They clip on to the transom, using alloy pins and plastic fairleads - so there is nothing sharp left on the dingy.

They are held up out of the water, by the bungee - which just hooks to a central eye.

A cord then pulls them down - running through a fairlead at the base of the transom, and up to be made off to the small jam cleats.

They can be pulled down either right to the transom - which gives enough clearance for the outboard, upright - or can be locked off anywhere between the two.

This is important, as often, on a slipway, there would not be enough depth to drop them fully. With the outboard locked up, they should pull down to whatever depth is available.

The weight problem is more to do with the bungee arrangement being able to spring them up - however, now I have them fitted, I think they could be just operated with no bungee - just a pull up cord/ pull down cord. Might be easier. The entire unit is easily modified, as they are all bolted together .

They could rest upright I think - but my outboard needs to swivel for reverse and they get in the way.

If the wheels were lighter, this could be simplified a great deal - ie the wheel on just one leg. It would also help if I could weld alloy ! - maybe I should learn !


PS - complete disaster again, - brought the engine battery home and with the extra weight the frames, 'twisted' - not enough stiffness, torsionally. I think I've remedied it by modifying them to have a ply infill, which is much stiffer. Hopefully testing them out tomorrow, Fri 26th - and I'm tacking the battery back so will still have on the weight - I'll get there in the end !!