A New Home - for a while....

I'm really enjoying having Lena up at the Uphill pontoons. Somehow on the river I was not getting to the boat that often - and really was not going out sailing much either. Since the move - although I have been plauged by engine fuel and overheating problems - I have at least had two cruises of 6 and 12 days each.

At last the engine seems sorted. The injector pump had to be rebuilt, with new piston and barrel assembly and new delivery valve. With the new injector in as well - and a new lift pump. All now seems well - and the overheating was I think a combination of too old a thermostat - worn impellor - and mainly barnacles obstructing the inlet grating.

Basically my fault - as any engine should have a new thermostat and impellor as routine each season - and I should have had her out of the water. Most of the fuel problems I think were old diesel. After the long lay up I should have bleed her out with all fresh fuel - that might have saved me £500 quid and my spare new injector ( which are now about £170 ! ) You live and learn.

I now spend nearly every weekend aboard and more - its become a 2nd home !

A pretty unique place - in the late evening light and the tide making. About a 1/4 mile from open sea - the main river Axe is easy to navigate. Uphill pill here needs some caution - best tackled on a rising tide unless you really know the place.