Please get in touch if you have an Invader - with some pics.

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Snap 670 - James Row

Mistral - Marcel Convoy

Andante - Neil Gibb, Windermere

Kite - Invader 1979 - based Coquet Yacht Club - Holy Island, Lindisfarm

Sunburst - Invader 22 - Gareloch, Firth of Clyde.

James Row has just aquired a Snap 670 ( same boat essentially )based on the Thames at Chertsey.

I have just bought a Snapdragon 670. I used to sail dingy`s in the far past and wanted to get back into sailing, but be able to stay for weekends on her. I found one, went down to see her, and got hooked!

She will be kept on the Thames near Chertsey for the times when im not sailing.
I pick her up next week. She needs work, but there is only one bit I'm worried about currently and that is a repair to the hull below the water line on the port side (no picture).

Marcel Convoy has just bought 'Mistral'.
He says recently -
"I Hope to get engine back in and fired up in the next couple of weeks. Had rocker cover off and set tappets. Compression doesn`t seem much hope it fires up...

Now this is a Yanmar engine that needs some TLC !!! - thats looking better

...low water on the mooring, that view seems familiar !

Neil Gibbs sails Andante on Windermere - and very nice it looks too. I'd like a bit of that when the weather is iffy in the Bristol Channel.

Hi Geoff

Have thoroughly enjoyed your site and Youtube videos about Lena. We bought Andante at the end of last season and are gradually renovating her.

You seem to have the makings of an Invader 22 owners site ?...............( maybe )

All Best Regards,

Neil Gibbs

Simon and his Dad have restored this invader 22 - Kite - c 1979.

They sail the fabulous looking area of Holy Island, Lindisfarm - nr Berwick on Tweed.
Based at the Coquet Yacht Club - and have an ongoing Blog here | Kite's Blog |

I like this ariel view - it shows the lines of these boats so well...

Nice sailing area - I'm envious !

Have an Invader 22 - get in touch.

Sunburst - late model Invader 22 - based on the firth of Clyde at Gareloch

owned and sailed by Sean T and Wife.

Another nice looking sailing area !

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