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Please get in touch if you have an Invader - with some pics.

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for Misty Blue - Colin | Efaki - Mirage 28 - Manos Koumiotis |Joya - Guido
Gerrit Wiersma - Snapdragon 670. Sail no 34 'Eagle' |Corylus - Tony and Alison |Duet - Phil, Hayling Island |Dreamtime - Steve Williams

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Snap 670 - James Row /Mistral - Marcel Convoy/Andante - Neil Gibb, Windermere/Kite - Invader 1979 - based Coquet Yacht Club - Holy Island, Lindisfarm/Sunburst - Invader 22 - Gareloch, Firth of Clyd

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William Edwards has recentlly aquitred Attila.

Believed to be a 1979 model - it powered by a 6hp outboard. Based in Tighnabruich on the W of Scotland.

Sergio Zedda and Pasque

Pasque - based at St Pierres Pill - Chepstow & District yacht club !

I've been facinated by St Pierres Pill since I got Lena - one day I will go up there - close to home !

I think though the chart is marked - " there be dragons " - sort or wary of the upper reaches of the Bristol Channel !

Julian Pearson has bought Mitzi

based on the solent at Ashlett Creek - a recent member of a local club.

Basil Switzer has an unamed as yet ( will check ) Invader 22

He has repaired a damaged skeg by removing it ! He is on a drying mooring on soft mud in Fisherrow harbour (Musselburgh, East of Edinburgh)

Jomel - Dioisis Didymiotis

Jomel is based at Suffolk . He's hoping to launch soon and take it down to Medway at Hoo Ness yacht club where he has a mooring .

Lil'Puff - Nigel Chrome

Nigel has recently aquired a snapdragon 670 Lil'Puff - they are based in Christchurch nr Poole/Bournemouth area. Currently in the process of tidying her up.

Crystal Dawn - James Ray

Jim bought Crystal Dawn pretty beat up. With lot of work, a substituted mast and tabernacle ( snap 24 ) but invader boom. Sail no is 588 so quite late. Volvo MD1 siezed, running on outboard/ Bsed in Christchurch Harbour.

Have an Invader 22 - get in touch.

I have tried to get right up to date with recent other owners - please let me know if you have been in touch and I have missed you ! The old brain gets a little rattled these days fighting with Photoshop/OE/Go Live/ Word etc etc to try to sycronise info, pics, emails etc.

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