The Rib Marine Parts - portal to EPC parts database/online sales.
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I have mentioned the RibParts website here before - but really want to emphasise how good this is. This is really the first time in the UK that we have had access like this - retail - to a comprehensive, electronic parts catalogue. Add to that you have a very good interface - instant 'stock check' on all parts - Exploded Genuine Yanmar parts drawings for the full range of engines. Instant 'add to basket' online sales for all parts.

My only grouse is it only runs in IE - and one has to download the straightfoward little program 'Isoview' - to enable the access to the parts drawaings. I did this and it was very quick and easy - and I never use IE, allways Firefox.

You can, after registering access the parts no's and prices - but Isoview only runs in IE - and in Firefox online sales are non-functioning ( I'm using Firefox 26 )

This is not Ribparts fault - its the paculiarity of this dealer/parts EPC. Its basically accessed by all the parts dealers - which is why they all sound so knowledgeable on the phone - they are looking at these pages ! French Marine showed some interest when I mentioned it to them - and we had a chat about the interface and its sole tie to Internet Explorer. Problem would seem to lie with the Isoview parts program - they are trying to get version out for Chrome I think.

You have to register with Ribparts - simply email and password, and its free. Can't be bad - I have often haranged UK parts people for just not bothering to give a service, as is fairly common in the US on many sites. We now have this access here. So I will sing their praises for it - it makes sourcing the rught part so much easier.

Ok - there are still a few oddities, where personal phone calls sort things out - ie oversized piston and rings for the 1GM10 ( as I mentioned before ) they are not showing on this catalogue but are available ? Seens a bit odd !

Also - the superceeded part lists are a bit odd to understand - but thats Yanmar. At least you can trace back superceeded parts and see what and when.

This is the screen shot when logged in with IE - and Isoview downloaded. Every part in the drawing is listed left - with supercessions, current part no, Add to Basket, Stock Check, etc - all can be ordered directly online. The parts drawing is scrollable. zoom-able etc - very clear. This drawing section is the Head - for the 1GM10 - there are another thirty odd sections just for this engine model - inc gasket sets etc. Everything is here - every last nut and bolt. For all engines - Parts Heaven ...!

...and note its up to date, it has the copper shim - 35 - above the heat washer - 34 - under the injector. This is not shown even on my 2002 Yanmar Manual !

I will add I have no vested interest here - just credit where it due for someone who has bothered to make this available.

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