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Another real Calm Sail - 4th Singlehanded

Another day with hardly a breath of wind - yet it had been blowing earlier. Just suddenly died the death. Managed to keep moving, and just kept the sails full.

I took this on my new mobile phone ! - its got 2 meg pixel camera, and in good light Its pretty impressive - its also got a very wide angle lens - I took a few pics on my Nikon, with a 24 mm lens, and its was wider than that. Useful for boat pics - you really need an 18 mm.

Still made a hash of the mooring - though I'm slowly getting it together.

Just had my new pc crash on me, xp is going to get the boot I think - so I'm editing this on a trial version of Dreamweaver - and its sending me crackers. The repair - install wped out my GoLIve - think I need to get back to the mooring for a few days - forget all about this infernal box of evil demons !

The day after this was to be 'oh so different' !