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Three day cruise - Weston to Ilfracombe.

Wed 12th Sept

Just started crossing Coombe Martin Bay at the start of the 2nd hr of flood tide against us. The Balmoral Cruise ship was going in really close on her afternoon trip - and I was staying well out of her way. She apparently is doing daily trip from Swansea - dropping off, then taking out another few hundred for a coastal trip, before returning in the evening.

Its a spectacular coastline here - moreso than I had imagined, being so close to home. You forget that this is the Exmoor coast. Its hard to believe we are only 45 miles from Weston here !

Just a couple of miles now - out around Rillage Point, but we really felt the full force of the stream rounding it. Must have been going at 3 kts.

Rillage Point

The last turn out and around into the very friendly approach to the outer harbourat Ilfracombe.
45.4 miles - from Weston Bay. 6.40am to 3.15pm. We'd given up on the wind quite a while back - the Yanmar purred along very sweetly. Without an engine we would have been anchored in Coombe Martin bay - with no wind and three kts against us by now.

Continues - Ilfracombe Harbour, visitors bouys, fish and chips, clear water !