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The Suzuki DT2 - the Final 'Non-Bodge' !

Well - it wouldn't go ! - sod it...

Apparently the end of this bore in my spare casing is knackered. My friendly motorcyle man - Piston Broke ( you have to love that as a trade name ) showed me a suzuki ring in it - you could see the daylight down one side.

Worse still - on ringing Seamark Nunn, they tell me they are showing oversized pistons as 'discontinued' for DT2 . Hmmm -

One good outcome - apparently there is a really good welding system now for alloy - sort of 'silver solder for aluminium' that works with just a gas torch, temp wise. So I'm going for repairing my old casing. Waiting now for the sticks of the stuff - sort of upgrade version of the old Lumaweld, but easier to use. Behaves a bit like plumbers solder, which goes through a sort of 'semi solid state' - where you can 'push it around' - but at a melt temp of 370c. Thats a bit over silver solder temp. Hopefully I don't have to start buying a map torch, etc - or that will be another 50 quid.

There may be a chance someone else has an oversized piston still in stock - or Seamark were wrong ( the bloke seemed a bit confused by his own parts info ? ) I may try phoning another source, just to see if they say the same.

We will get there in the end.

Also - having the spare casing gave me the idea of making an epoxy cast on the entire side casing - then lifting it off, trimming it and blue siliconing it on as a sort of fixing plate - maybe with a few screws into the good alloy ? - sort of 'super bodge'. Maybe buy a Honda !

Will keep you posted. If I do start cruising the boat I really need something that's reliable.

Geoff March 08

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