I'm still here !

After a somewhat lengthy neglect on the river, I was surprised to find her in good shape. Somewhat slimed up of course with the close proximity to farmland. A days clean up sorted it. She was bone dry on the engine bilge ( !!! ) and the batteries were all 13.8v !!! ( praise be to Sunware solar panel and Maplins cheap two bank regulator )

When I checked them they were not even in much need of much distilled water either - so that regulator has been doing a sterling job. The panel is a Sunware 27 w - its very good. Was not cheap though !

Anyways - this year I plan to do a bit. We shall see what the weather holds. I am planning a trip to Poole this summer - to meet some family on holiday. We shall see if it happens.

I am contemplating putting her up on the Uphill pontoons permanently. Despite some restricted access on neaps - I'd have access to the boat at all times. If I keep this river mooring I can always put her out on the river if I want to get away on an extreme neap - or come in on a small tide. Thinks on that one - just a case of finding 900 a year !

So - the latest on Lena. Passing the time on the mud servicing the seagull. Cleaned out the amal carb - removed jets and cleaned them. Topped up the gearbox oil. I then leave it enpty on the tank. Not great for the fuel tap - but better for the carb.Fill it when needed - not worried if the tap drips.

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