Invader 22
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An unused Crewsaver harness - 15.00.

A nice little alloy bridel backstay adjuster, at least, that is what I take it to be !- Mine is a split backstay. - so can easily make up the lower wires from 7/19 rather than 1/19 - then a 3mm 7/19 loop up over the middle lower sheave, back down to a small pair of blocks/jam cleat.

Two 85 amp size battery boxes. I have decided to stick to a pair of the Numax 85 amp leisure ( I bought one last summer to get the engine going - turns out they are quite good. The local Caravan shop near the boatyard sell them for about 30.00.) A linked pair gives me 170 amp service. Then I can either get a dedicated smaller amp start battery - or may just get three of the same.

Took the mast head casting off - with a view to dropping the halyards down. Also, so I could do some work on it in the week at home. Want to sort out some sort of Spinnaker fitting - and a place for the Nasa wind vane. This is mainly to gain the extra halyard. The present arrangement only allows two, although I have four sheaves - see 'masthead'
I have renewed the sheaves with ball race nylon - may just drop two on one side down in the mast, then out again, either near the mast top, or just below the spreaders. Or may just leave them as they are - ok with my present roller mech which has it's own halyard - so the spare one is there for the extra forestay. Topping lift can go on a block on the aft clevis pin below the backstay connection.

Goodies from the Dorset boat jumble - Wimbourne.

This Suzuki 2 cost me 65.00. I snapped it up a bit quick so chanced my luck with it - wouldn't start at first, but as soon as I sorted out the position for the fuel switch - and turned the choke OFF - it was fine. Maybe the float chamber was empty. Even got a new, unused prop with it.

Another thirty metres of 14mm anchorplait - to splice on to my main rode. That gives me 75 m 14mm plus ten 8mm chain on the delta.

Nice stainless 12v marine horn - a fiver.

Found a place up North for reasonable cut sheet polycarbonate. Was quoted about 65.00 for 6mm, smoked, uv at size of 1600 x 500 - this will do both windows. The acrylic in them is prob the age of the boat - with a few small cracks showing. After using a bit of old Perspex the other day as a sort of soft anvil, for punching out some eyelet holes - I wouldn't trust it. This stuff just shattered - even under quite moderate hammer taps !

Mounted the original bilge pump under the engine cover - so is accessable from the cabin.

Finally fitted the bronze set screws for the new vetus bronze grating over the engine intake. This was fiddly but the machine screws now screw into captive nuts set in epoxy under the backing plate.

Re-fitted the mast tabernacle.

Started re-covering the cabin cushions. Blue vinyl, with white piping - will gradually do those over the winter, wenever the urge takes me.

Need to temp put the mast up now - to check on lengths for the new rigging.

Geoff - Aug 04.