Invader 22
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All set for the mast to go up - prob stick the mast up on a trial run with the old rigging. Can then get a definite measurement - the boat was not rigged when I got it so don't know how good a length the old was.

Well it's July already and I don't seem to have got too far - so many things needing finishing off and I've only had Sundays free for the last month or so.

Still - new washboards are fitted. The new cockpit seats are very successful. I've changed the oak slatting to teak on the seats - and replaced the corner sections with treadmaster. See 2nd pic - very pleased with that now, at long last!

The stern gear, new split coupling, new re-bushed bronze outer bearing are in and the prop back in - I've managed to gain a about 20mm at the outer bearing so have space for a shaft anode - had to cut the end off the anode, so now have two extra little anodes to fix somewhere !

New anchor rode is spliced to the new 8mm chain for the Delta - 10kg - I then have the 15lb cqr as 2nd, with 20m 6mm original chain and a new length of 12mm plait. May lengthen the new 14mm 45m rode - perhaps splice on another 20m - that will give me 75m inc chain - 5:1 on 15m depth, without having to resort to attaching extra.
The end of the main rode has a soft eye spliced in - this will easily pull through the deck pipe - so can be detached from the stop cord which is long enough to come up on to the deck. So it is easy to add extra rode. Sticking on the 60m cqr rode would then give me 135m.

The chainplate extentions are fitted - some mods necessary to the main shroud ones. The rigging screw idea just did not work too well - I've got over it by making two extra stainless strips, so it's all connected in one long strip from the underside of the U-bolt to the back of the hull plates ( will get a photo of these )
Under the stem fitting worked just fine with rigging screws as planned..

Just received then new rigging materials - used a firm called S3i - factory direct prices - they make the stuff themselves. The bottlescrews are chromed aluminium bronze bodies, with stainless 316 togs etc. Settled on direct swage to screw bodies after much consideration, as opposed to tog/tog or tog fork.
The tog ends fit well to the U-bolt chainplates - the swage togs, six, are for the back stay and baby stay bridle arrangement, connecting to 6mm delta plates I've made. Standard togs connect the swage eyes to the mast tangs - along with 65m 1x19 4mm 316 wire plus postage it came to 285.00 ukp. ( 55 pence a metre for 4mm wire ! ) Could have done it for about 200'ish via the next best Felix Fasteners - but they don't do open body on a tog end, nor do they do chromed bronze. Think I got a good deal - Bristol Rope and Twine are happy to swage up at 2.00 odd a swage if you have more than ten to do.

Only down side to date is some stress crazing on the upper hull starboard beam - which I ground and filled last summer, has crazed through again. My fault, I was a bit pushed on getting the undercoating done so filled it with ordinary marine filler rather than epoxy - cause it was easier to sand ! duh ! - now I have to grind the patch out, about nine inches across, and try to make the best of feathering in the gloss at the end. It has to go - I know how sound the rest of the hull is - anyone seeing that just immediately thinks that allsorts more lurk beneath !

Geoff - July 04. Please note my new e-mail ( remove the obvious )