Invader 22
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After much effort and not a little ingenuity with a length of this conduit, with a wire hook taped on the end, I managed to strip out all the polystyrene - not without loosing the hook of course ! - but managed to get the mast clean inside eventually.

This is oval section plastering conduit - so got it for nought - but it serves the purpose very well
- very light and will take two 10mm cables each easily. I shall put vhf plus the deck/steam light in one - wind and tri in the other. Wind is being connected with 5 pin din at mast head and below cabin top via a rubber gland fitting - which will take vhf as well.
The only problem area is by the spreaders - the fixing bolt goes right through here - the cable for the deck/steam has to come out the side of the conduit and the halyards need to pass the through bolt ok. The halyards, two of them are going to come out just past the spreaders - high enough to enable a normal, 'at the mast' operation - through exit plates.

The conduit has been loined by heating one end and forcing the other in - this worked very well. Then I have laid them out on the mast and joined them together with some glass tape/layup resin and a little ply spacer - I wrapped the mast with cling film at the joins. This sets the pair roughly to the shape of the front of the mast - I should then be able to lay it inside the mast with the mast turned the other way up - and self tap into the ply/resin joining sections. Each end I can reach with a batten or something to put some pressure on - the middles I'm going to pull a weight along - since they are set in a curve to the front section of the mast - enough to drill up a pilot hole and start a self tapper. I've got a short length of 32mm waste filled with gravel - which males a convenient smooth weight.
Getting the stem/deck light cable out is going to be fiddly ! - but once in with the vhf it can stay put for quite a while.

Also - the vhf,wind and tri light cables have to go through grommits just below the mast head fitting, but nice and tight so as not to interfere with the two halyards. The mast top has been modified to have bolt fixing rather than rivets - so can easily be taken off, when the mast is stepped, so these cables can be clipped to the inside of the mast, after they go through the grommits, to keep it all out the way.

Close up shows the resin bridge - tomorrow I can put some extra marine filler on the joins - to give a ittle more thickness. I don't want the self tapper going through the joining material.
Anyway - it all came off the mast ok - once set - so Sunday, hopefully is ' get it in' day
Sunday update - it's in, and the centre deck flood/steam exit 'was' fiddly - but it's all screwed tight - didn't need the weight, managed to get self tappers to grip using a fine pilot drill which would just get enough start on the wood blocks. Had to add an extra ply block on top of the gelled in one shown left - these were screwed to the others, plus a bed of marine filler. I've run the new RG58 vhf in, along with the flood/steam cable - the other conduit has been moused for now

Seemed like a lot of work - but the whole thing, stripping out the polystyrene and joining up the conduit, only took about three hours.