Invader 22
May Holiday home allsorts *** ***

Maplins have some gret stuff. These surface mounted, spade fuse holders are nickel plated, and peanuts at about 40 pence each.

Worth noting, they also do an exterior 10 watt, 8 ohm, horn type loudspeaker for 7.99 ! Also - I see they have 112 decibel, exterior 'sirens' - sold primarily for the hiome security market - again, about 8.00 ukp.

Its certaily nice to be able to pop in to a shop and get packs of ten fuses, in any ampage you like - for 99 pence a pack.

Another thing I'm looking at there - are their range of sealed, rechargeable lead acid instrument supply batteries. The 12 v, 7 amp hr are about 12.00 ukp - but need a compatable charger, but are very compact. It would act as a emergency battery for instumentation, vhf etc.

This is the mod I've done to the cabin table.

Its half way through stripping the varinish here - looks great now its done. It simply hinges down, so the same profile can fit in the slot, but further back. The fold down leg needs to be angled in slightly in this position because of a slope up on the cabin floor, and needs a new floor fixing - but I've utilised two small toggle catches, which will hold it down to an angled fillet - so its not a problem.

It still goes in full size, when needed and still acts as a base for the double berth. Its agreat sized table - takes a full chart, but also takes up a hell of a lot of space. Another advantage, is that it now folds up smaller, if you want it down altogether, as the leg is not much longer than the larger section.

Finally sorted out the positions for the Garmin/ Raymarine Bidata/ Wind - I've stuck with how the sounder originally was - on a fold out bracket, but have made a new one. This will take the Garmin and Depth/log. Its conveniently near the vhf for the data cabling - can be swung back into the cabin. I've still some quality reinforced flexi-conduit for the cabling. The wind will be cockpit mounted outside.

They yard fees have just gone up 20% - so thats an incentive to get the mast up - as they charge for the extra length while its horizontal !

One day - one day, I will be finished with the wiring. It seems to go on for ever.

Installed the final battery wiring. I'm putting on two 85 amp service batteries, linked together - then another identical 85 amp, for the engine. That's the one I've had for the last 18 months - its been very good. A 'Numax' marine/leisure from a local caravan supplier.The two new ones will be the service pair - they will go on just prior to launch, prob with a 10w solar panel.

I've wired the service directly to the Bat 2 terminal on the rotary switch - then a separate isolating switch for the service supply next to it. So, the rotary 1/2/both/off switch will only isolate the engine/engine panel supply - and control the charging / engine start.

This means the service cannot drain battery 1 - if you forget to switch over after starting. Also, you do not get any 'spikes' when starting the engine - normally, starting on '1' would also entail service pulling on '1' - until switched over to '2'.

If I ever needed to connect service to Bat 1 - then either the 'both' position could be used - not ideal when not actually charging the batteries - or can just swap leads.

So needing an isolating switch I dropped into Maplins Electronic supplies. They do gold plated circuit breakers made for the car hi-fi market - about 7.00 The abs enclosures are for the neg bus - and the Nasa wind under deck connection..

So I'm nearly there - just have one 12v cockpit mounted socket to go in - for the handheld spotlight - and some bits for connecting nmea data from gps to dsc vhf. plus wire in the stern/bow lights.

Finished all the varnishing inside. Somewhere along the line its had a coat of varnish on top of the old, with no prep - so, short of stripping it all completely, I've done the best I can. All the bits I've taken home I've stripped - but its easy off the boat.

Still trying to find somewhere that sells 'glass fibre curtain material'. It was all the rage many years ago - but seems to have disappeared. The curtains on the starboard side are right over the cooker - so glass fibre would have been ideal.

In wiring up the battery main cables - I re-visited the engine compartment. You know, in that 'intimate, head stuck in, sort of way ! Realised there was still a few bits to do there. I still need to remove the two oil feed pipes - low down exposed under the oil filter. They are rusty - but its difficult to see how badly in situ. I think I'll have them off, then if necesssary can order some new ones in, or treat them up. I did check last year - about 40.00 for the two from Yanmar ! It wont do any harm to drop and change the oil a second time - since the engine was standing so long, it will act as a flush out. The return fuel line still has to be replaced with proper fuel pipe - and I have a breather vent valve to fit - somewhere ! ( which is why its not fitted !) and some new Yanmar hoses on the engine side of the raw water pump.

The engine bed beams, that I scraped and treated last year with Hammerite rust primer has all flaked off - so that was rubbish. Should have done it in the first place with the acid type stuff, 'Jenolite' or whatever Then I think I will spray it with the clear 'Comma, wax seal' - after a couple of coats of primer. That stuff worked well on the new split coupling - similar to 'Waxoil'.